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Application ends: October 7, 2019, 23:59 IST

The following questionnaire aims to enable the Award Committee to learn about your initiative. Please take the time to answer the questions properly.  Images and supporting documents are encouraged. You may submit up to two files in each relevant question.

Please note there is no option to save the form and continue at a later time. You can download the form here in order to draft your answers, and then answer the questions online.

Please do not upload video files. If you wish to submit a video, please upload a document containing a YouTube link.

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(1) To share the information filled above about the initiative, the organization and the team members with whom the organizers will see fit. 
(2) That this application will be reviewed by members of the Award Committee.
(3) If my initiative is selected for the award, at least one of the team members will be available for the award presentation ceremony, which will take place on November 21th, 2019 in Jerusalem. 
(4) In addition to the presence in the ceremony, at least one of the team members will be available for any media coverage arranged by the organizers in relation with the award.
(5) The organizers can make my submission or part of it public.

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